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A dream come true

Perched high on the cliff edge, Viewpoint Boutique Living, a family-run boutique hotel is a dream that has finally come to life.

Viewpoint is new concept laid over a historic gem. The house itself dates back to the days of the Knights of St. John and is over 300 years old.

In years gone by, Viewpoint was formerly known as Il-Kenur Restaurant. The late Karmena Said had invested much passion and dedication to the place, turning it into one of Gozo’s first and finest restaurants and wedding venues. Il-Kenur which was the place to dine at way back in the 1970s, was famous for the Gozo Nights, typical evenings where traditional food was served in the atmosphere of folk guitar music.

Today it is with great pleasure that the Karmena`s son George, and his wife Doreen welcome guests to Viewpoint Boutique Living.